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BEEFUS w/ Optometri, Superstar Fantastico

BEEFUS w/ Optometri, Superstar Fantastico

Fri. 08/24 | 10:00PM @ The Frequency (map)

Event Details
Beefus - Up from below the surface of Madison, Wisconsin, comes BEEFUS, sporting electric banjo and pipes of howling gorilla soul. BEEFUS sings songs of ape-children gone wrong, of brain drains and pleasure pads, of the creamed corn where your blood used to be, and the scars that were your eyes. There are no guitars in this music: the BEEFUS crew showcases the jaw-dropping electric mandolin wizardry of Nathan B. Gosh, and the molten rubber rhythm section of Meatslayer (bass) and U-Tip (skin disk orchestra), plus the primeval banjo squeal-zonks of Beefus himself. It's unique, it's profound, it's like being humped in the head by a monkey. Come hear it!   Optometri - You may think you can see well, but you actually need Optometri to help you see the true world of reality through the heightened eyeballs of the rock and roll. Optometri is the best band of Russian has-beens ever to vanish from sight at the height of their popularity only to re-emerge unexpectedly more than a decade later in South-Central Wisconsin in a new millennium whose sensibilities they do not fully grasp. Frontman Yuri Myshkin and his merry band of ersatz surgeons will rock you from east to west and back again with their unique brand of pre-post-Soviet musical and lyrical wizardry.   Superstar Fantastico - How Smooth Can You Move To The Groove? The music of Superstar Fantastico will force the listener to confront this important question. Simultaneously funky and punk, sordid and tender, ugly and beautiful, all contradictions are reconciled and a transcendental state is achieved. Anyway, they are fun to get drunk to. Check out http://superstarfantastico.com/ to see what we are talking about.
BEEFUS w/ Optometri, Superstar Fantastico

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